About Us

In 2018 the first takehempgummies.com collection was created from a small studio on the peru. As the brand expanded, the search began for honest, small-scale production, sustainable fibres and artisan craftsmanship. This led to the exploration of the rugged landscapes of the Peruvian Andes, known for their high quality fibres and talented artisans. 

After weeks spent working with local producers in remote regions, the production finally found its home in Ayacucho, Peru, a tiny Peruvian town tucked in the south central Andes. One evening, in a hostel room high in the Andes the first collection order was written, forging a new path for the brand. 

Today, each takehempgummies.com garment is still brought to life by hand through a collaborative development process merging the ancient heritage of Peruvian techniques with modern design. The brand continues to work with small producers throughout Peru for the sourcing of their signature alpaca, wool and Pima cotton collections. 

The proudest achievement of all is the personal relationships the brand has forged with their partners who employ and empower local Peruvian women. Overtime, Bare has witnessed the difference quality employment can bring to a community, not only providing sustainable employment for women but also the opportunity for true autonomy over their futures.